Enter The Matrix

Gettting HubSpot CRM set up for the first time can be a challenge, even for experienced marketers. Follow this easy checklist!

Initial Setup Tasks
Import your eCommerce contact data into the CRM
Assign Customer status to weekly e-commerce customers
Convert Leads with Premium Content Offers
Create a new form
Create a landing page to gate your piece of content
Link the landing page and thank you page
Create the thank you page for the offer for people to download after filling out the form
Select a content offer from your site, or brainstorm a new idea from Buyer’s Journey (Persona) stories
Upload your content offer to the File Manager
Create the call-to-action button that links to your landing page
Add the call-to-action to your website
Create a campaign to track your offer’s performance
Publish Blogs on HubSpot
Configure your HubSpot blog settings
Configure your HubSpot blog sidebar settings
Ensure keywords are added to your keywords tool
Write a blog post
Optimize your post for search and sharing
Include a call-to-action at the end of the post
Format your blog post
Publish your blog post
Integrate HubSpot with your Website
Invite your website development team
Invite your social media manager
Connect to social
Set up your Contacts tools
Replace all forms and popups with HubSpot forms
Nurture Your Leads
Segment your contacts
Make sure to import opted-out contacts
Send your first HubSpot email campaign
Set up email types
Plan a workflow to nurture leads
Create your nurturing emails
Assemble the workflow
Create Lifecycle Stages
Create the Subscriber Lifecycle Stage
Create the Lead Lifecycle Stage
Create the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Lifecycle Stage
Create the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Lifecycle Stage
Create the Opportunity Lifecycle Stage
Create the Customer Lifecycle Stage
Create the Evangelist Lifecycle Stage
Create the Other Lifecycle Stage

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