Kent Dagnall Digital Marketing Consultant

Kent Dagnall has consulted entrepreneurs, innovative companies and high profile public relations clients for more than a decade.

A long-term strategist by nature, he’s an expert in advertising, marketing, data analysis, project management, and crisis communications.

He currently trains organizations to excel in search engine optimization and inbound marketing.

Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategist

Having moved to Atlanta from Santa Cruz, I have the startup mentality. My lessons have all been learned through experience with real-world, situational problem solving for clients in every major industry, and my first mentor was a master of crisis communications. Getting things done efficiently on a short deadline is my specialty, at the same time training junior staff in constantly evolving best practices. My skills are well rounded in SEO, Content Marketing, Multimedia Design, Web Development (Php, JS, RUBY) and Client Services.

I am a seasoned account manager, used to negotiating with high-profile clients and navigating delicate communications challenges. I am also passionate about the art of storytelling and have taught classes on SEO, Social Media Marketing, Retargeting, DoubleClick Monetization and WordPress development for various web design groups in Atlanta and Silicon Valley.

The past 10 years of my experience at public relations firms, advertising agencies and in my own consulting practice can be summed up 2 ways:

● I teach executives to market their products effectively to the online audience, react in real time to new data, track meaningful KPIs, and reflect positively on their company in terms of public opinion and shareholder confidence.
● Identifying untapped revenue pipelines, communicating strategy, demonstrating best practices, and training staff in SEO, advertising, social media, email, and content marketing tactics.

Most recently, I managed the rebranding, marketing strategy and website overhaul for the legendary South Georgia farm White Oak Pastures. The resulting increase in organic search traffic, customer engagement and conversion indicators across all channels has been extraordinary. In addition, this year I trained the staff of Atlanta-based meal delivery service PeachDish and two fair trade coffee roasters in SEO and inbound marketing best practices.

If you are looking to increase the diversity of your team, I assure you that I have a very different background from anyone else you will ever interview.

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Inbound Marketing: A Hero’s Journey

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Inbound Marketing: A Hero's Journey. Ebook by Kent Dagnall

Nice Things Clients Have Said

Kent is a detailed oriented pro, has the uncanny ability to work non-stop and show up ready for the hunt the next day. He is quick to take up new tactics, shift as the team needs to shift (which tends to frustrate the crap out of mere mortals).

Mark FierroPR & Crisis Management Expert

Kent is a personable and result-oriented service provider who was keenly aware of my goals and worked tirelessly to meet them while providing great value for the services rendered. I have hired him for another project already!

Jay YoungPartner, Howard & Howard Attorneys

Kent is one of THE finest, most brilliant professionals in the business. Hire this man immediately. He’s a genius.

Jason WhitedInternational Book Editor

I explained one time on a high level what I was needing and expecting and Kent delivered so much more than I could have ever expected. He was timely, professional and easy to work with. I absolutely recommend Kent and will hire him myself for any future endeavors.

Lisa JacobeVP of Marketing & Business Development

Kent is a tireless and energetic man to work with. He approaches a problem with a vast knowledge base and creative insight. His organization is exquisite and his ideas are always indispensable. It was a truly rewarding experience and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again the near future.

Michael SchisselArchitect

Enough About Me.