Inbound Marketing

Does your company post on Facebook or LinkedIn?
Is your website fast and optimized for search engines?
Do you Pay-Per-Click for ads on Google, YouTube, Facebook or Bing?
Does your Public Relations team send out press releases?
Do you feel like all of these channels are working together to fulfill your business goals?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions (especially the last one) you’ll increase sales and leads with a comprehensive Inbound Marketing Strategy.

The days of SEO, PR or advertising working alone in a vacuum are long gone. The thing all of the most effective marketing campaigns in the last decade have in common is, they succeeded simultaneously across all different channels.

Think about the last viral video you saw. Did you hear about it first on Social Media, watch it on a monetized website like YouTube and then see it on the nightly news when it reached a billion hits? I bet you did. Your campaign needs to use the same principles to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) and attribute sales/leads to the right channel. Knowing what’s working and how it affects other acquisition channels is the heart of Inbound Marketing.

Tell us about your products or services and we’ll teach you how to:

Re-target website visitors to close sales you missed the first time
Engage Social Media customers so they share invaluable word-of-mouth advertising
Earn valuable free publicity by becoming a thought-leader in your industry
Make Google, smartphones and everybody else happy with a faster, more optimized website
Build Landing Pages that grow your leads, ‘Likes’ and email list

Inbound Marketing: A Hero’s Journey

Learn to harness ancient storytelling techniques to boost online sales.

Inbound Marketing: A Hero's Journey. Ebook by Kent Dagnall

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